Europe 2017: Norway Iceland Spain

Europe 2017: Norway Iceland Spain

Monday, June 19

Flight from JFK to Stockholm Arlanda.

Tuesday, June 20

Flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Oslo; arrival at Gardermoen airport; train into Oslo. Dinner at an Asian fusion restaurant Monsun in Grünerløkka.

Wednesday, June 21

Waking up in the grendehus of an apartment building in Grünerløkka. Trikk Trakk tram to Oslo City mall. Back to the Grünerløkka.

Oslo: in front of Sentralstasjon

Thursday, June 22

Royal Palace. Henrik Ibsen Museum. Trikk Trakk tram to Apothek restaurant for dinner.


Øystein Grønning & I spoke to members of the Palestinakomite i Norge at Maksitaksi in Oslo about the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine

Friday, June 23

Historical Museum. Oslo Pride House talk on “The Triumph of Trump & the Future of LGBT Rights” at El Dorado Bookstore.

Oslo: Jugendstil door in the Historical Museum

Saturday, June 24

Akershus Castle. Norsk Hjemmefront Museum. “Transgender Rights in the Age of Trump” at Oslo Pride House at El Dorado Bookstore. Dinner at Politiker’n with PION friends.

Akershus festning

Akershus festning

Oslo harbor

Sunday, June 25

Ferry to Bygdøy peninsula, Norse Folke Museet (Norwegian Folk Museum), Viking Ship Museum, LGBT exhibition at Oslo Rådhuset, Oslo Pride House

Bygdøy peninsula seen from a ferry on Oslofjord

Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian Folk Museum) on Bygdøy peninsula


Bygdøy: Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian Folk Museum): Setabu, Støylsemne: a summer cottage from Hylestad, Valle Setesdal (c.1500-1600)

Oseberg ship in the Viking Ship Museum on on Bygdøy peninsula

Oslo: an ad for traditional Norwegian bunad costumes

Oslo Rådhus: Froy & Gerd meet: a wood relief by Dagfin Werenskiold from his 1950 series of Yggdrasilfrisen at the entrance to City Hall

Arnhild Haagensen, “Himmelbåten,” akrylmaling, glassperler og gullpulver på linlerret (acrylic paint, glass beads & gold-plated powder), in the exhibition of LGBT/queer art “Blitt sånn, født sånn: Rådhusgalleriet Skeive Kunstnere” at the Rådhusgalleriet (City Hall gallery, Oslo)

Monday, June 26

Reisehus: booked flight on SAS to Barcelona. Gardermoen: slept over at the airport.

Tuesday, June 27

Gardermoen: flight to Barcelona.


Barcelona: la Sagrada Familia

Apple store in the Plaza de Catalunya;

La Rambla; Teatro Liceu; train to Madrid; taxi to Calle Padilla; black ink squid paella for dinner.

Wednesday, June 28

Lavapies; Racializados contingent in Orgullo Crítico; Metropolis building.

Los Racializados contingent in Orgullo Crítico

Los Racializados contingent in Orgullo Crítico

Thursday, June 29


Vincent Doyle & me at the LGBT@Work conference in Madrid

Friday, June 30

Madrid: “Descolonizar Espacios e Identidades” at the Matadero; dinner with speakers & other participants.

“Descolonizar Espacios e Identidades” speakers

Pauline Park & Candy Yun at the Matadero for “Descolonizar Espacios e Identidades”

Saturday, July 1

Madrid:Lavapies. World Pride; dinner at Il Piccolo Diavolo.

Madrid: Lavapies 

Sunday, July 2

El Rastro flea market & El Escorial.

El Escorial

El Escorial
El Escorial
El Escorial
El Escorial
Monday, July 3
Toledo: Santa María la Blanca: a Jewish synagogue in the Moorish style that was converted into a church
Toledo street scene
Toledo: the cathedral
Toledo: the Alcazar at sunset
Tuesday, July 4

Atocha: Renfe train to Málaga; Hotel Ibis Budget.


Wednesday, July 5

Seville: gardens of Maria Luisa; university; Alcazar.

Seville: the Alcazar
Thursday, July 6

Friday, July 7

Córdoba: la Gran Mezquita.

Córdoba: la Gran Mezquita

Córdoba: la Gran Mezquita

Córdoba: a prayer alcove in la Gran Mezquita

Córdoba: arches in la Gran Mezquita

Córdoba: a prayer alcove in la gran mezquita

Córdoba: arches in the gran mezquita

Córdoba: a prayer alcove in the gran mezquita

Córdoba: bell tower of the gran mezquita

Córdoba: the cathedral in the mosque

Córdoba: organ of the cathedral/mezquita

Córdoba: a prayer alcove in the gran mezquita

Córdoba: arches in the gran mezquita

Córdoba: la Casa de Sefarad (museum of Sephardic Jewish history & culture)


Saturday, July 8

Granada: the Alhambra.

gardens of the Generalife

gardens of the Generalife

gardens of the Generalife
gardens of the Generalife
Granada: the Alhambra seen from the gardens of the Generalife
Palacios Nazaries
garden in the Palacios Nazaries
Granada from the gardens of the Palacios Nazaries in the Alhambra
Sunday, July 9
Málaga: train to the airport. RyanAir flight to Sandefjord airport; bus from Torp to Oslo. Anker Hostel: bedding. McDonald’s.
Málaga airport
Monday, July 10
Oslo City: sandwich, umbrella. Oslo tourist info. office: booked train ticket to Bergen. Chinese restaurant in Oslo City.
Tuesday, July 11

Lunch; train from Oslo to Bergen; taxi to City Apartments.

Wednesday, July 12

Norges Fiskerimuseum (Norwegian Fisheries Museum): Von Tangens kremede fiskesuppe (creamed fish soup) for lunch (Kr 165)
Bergen Tourist Information office: bought Bergen Card. Bryggen. Hanseatisk Museum & Schøtstuene. Norges Fiskerimuseum (Norwegian Fisheries Museum).
Bergen: on the Brygge
Thursday, July 13
Bergen Tourist Information office: booked Zander K hotel. Brygge. Edvard Munch exhibition at the Kode 3. Fløibanen funicular up Mount Fløyen
Friday, July 14

Bergen: tour bus to Troldhaugen, tour of Edvard Grieg’s house; recital by Joachim ; Gamle Bergen


Gamle Bergen


Gamle Bergen

Gamle Bergen

Gamle Bergen

Gamle Bergen

Gamle Bergen

Saturday, July 15

Bus to Nordheim; Norled cruise on Hardangerfjord; Vøringsfossen; bus back to Bergen.


Vøringsfossen in the Hardangervidda is the most famous waterfall in Norway
Vøringsfossen in the Hardangervidda
Hardanger fjord
Sunday, July 16
Checking out of the Zander K hotel. Bus to Haugesund via ferry on the Banenfjord & then crossing Stord. Taxi to the Scandic Haugesund Hotel.
Haugesund: the Brygge (wharf)
Haugesund: the bridge to Risøya
Haugesund: the Brygge (wharf)
Haugesund: the Brygge (wharf)
Monday, July 17

Bus to Avaldsnes; Nordvegen History Center, Vikinggard (Viking farm) on Bukkøy island, St. Olaf’s Church. Bus back to Haugesund. Skåre kirke.


Vikinggard (Viking farm)

Avaldsnes: interior of the Viking longhouse on the Vikinggard (Viking farm) on Bukkøy island

Avaldsnes: St. Olaf’s Church

Avaldsnes: St. Olaf’s Church  

Tuesday, July 18

Haugesund Brygge; bike to Skåre kirke; Byparken. Ferry to Røvaer; Vikingtuftet at Grønevika with Jan Torgesen; ferry back to Haugesund.
Haugesund: Skåre kirke
 Haugesund Bryggen
Haugesund: an old ship in the harbor
Haugesund Brygge (wharf)
Wednesday, July 19
Haugesund Folkebibliothek, Haugesund Rådhus, Lillesund skole, Haraldsgata.
Haugesund Rådhus (City Hall)
Lillesund skole
Haugesund: a house on Henrik Ibsens gata
Haraldsgata: a typical Norwegian Victorian building
Thursday, July 20
Haugesund Folkebibliothek; checked out of the Scandic Hotel; walked to busstasjon. Kyssbus to Stavanger via ferry. Taxi to Scandic Forum Hotel; checked in; bus to sentrum. Gladmatfestivalen on the Brygge, domkirke; Kirkebakken; taxicab back to Scandic Forum.

Haugesund Folkebibliothek (municipal library)


 Stavanger Gladmatfestivalen (food festival): festival stage

Stavanger Gladmatfestivalen (food festival): tiny canapé from the Suldal Skattkammeret (Chamber of Commerce) tent

Stavanger Gladmatfestivalen: free book tent

Stavanger Gladmatfestivalen (food festival): reindeer burger

souvenir shopping in Stavanger


Stavanger harbor

Friday, July 21

Checked out of Scandic Forum; bus to sentrum; Kirkebakken 16(a); Gamle Stavanger; bus to Bergen via Haugesund & ferry; checked into the Zander K hotel.



Stavanger: Kirkebakken
Saturday, July 22
Checked out of the Zander K hotel; train to Flesland airport; Icelandair baggage check & check-in; flight to Trondheim; flight to Keflavik; Flybus to Leifur Eiriksson hotel; check-in; Icelandic pølse on Skólavörðustígur street.
Keflavik airport
Reykjavík: Hallgrímskirkja
Sunday, July 23
Mánudagur (Monday): Iceland weather report seen on TV in my rom at the Leifur Eiriksson hotel
Monday, July 24
Golden Circle Tour with Christian of Odinn; Mosfellsbaer horse farm, Þingvellir, Geysir, Gulfoss waterfall, Secret Lagoon. Reykjavík from the Hallgrímskirkja

Gulfoss waterfall

Gulfoss waterfall 

Reykjavík sunset

Reykjavík: the Hallgrímskirkja

Tuesday, July 25

Reykjavík: the Hallgrímskirkja

Reykjavík: the Hallgrímskirkja


Reykjavík from the Hallgrímskirkja


Bus to Árbaer;

Árbaer Open Air Museum

bus from Árbaer back into sentrum; Rådhus; post office.

Reykjavík from the Hallgrímskirkja
Reykjavíka baðstofan: a communal living room (c. 1800-1900) in the National Museum of Icelandrom the Hallgrímskirkja
Reykjavík: the Hallgrímskirkja
Wednesday, July 26
Reykjavík from the Hallgrímskirkja
National Museum of Iceland; checked out of the Leifur Eiriksson hotel; Flybus to Keflavik; Icelandair baggage check-in; flight to JFK; AirTrain to Jamaica; E train to Roosevelt Ave.

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